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Zend_form array notation
Zend_form array notation

Zend_form array notation

Download Zend_form array notation

Download Zend_form array notation

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Apr 22, 2013 - I will take care that new feature from Zend Framework 2 in the close future, but in this article I would Array notation in HTML form elements.Dec 18, 2009 - Sorted it! The problem is a custom decorator that was being used. //In $subForm = new Form_SubForm(); //this can be a Zend_Form or

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zend_form array notation

Sep 8, 2010 - To use array notation, you need to specify that the element "belongs to" a parent array: $form->addElement('hidden', 'contact123', array('belongsTo' When creating a new instance of a zend form element how to you give it a name If you use sub forms, array notation happens by default; all Zend_Form Array Notation values being re-indexed. Hi, I have just upgraded to ZF 1.10.4 and this has caused a lot of problems with by array

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Oct 19, 2010 - Overview. Zend Form is a great tool for creating maintainable, reusable, encapsulated forms, unfortunately the learning curve can be steep for Oct 28, 2009 - class MyFooForm extends Zend_Form { public function init() { $fullNameOpts = array( 'required'=>false, 'label'=>'fullName', 'isArray'=>true, Many experienced web developers like to group related form elements using array notation in the element names. For example, if you have two addresses you Oct 21, 2009 - Zend_Form is the component of Zend Framework that I enjoy the most: it . I have been using subforms only the sake of array notation. Jun 12, 2009 - After losing an afternoon trying to get my extended Zend Dojo Form class to give me HTML array notation, I have finally found a solution that

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